If you are interested in becoming a part of the membership at First Baptist Penn Hills, we would be delighted to share with you the process. During each worship service the “Invitation to Discipleship” is a time during the service when persons desiring to be active members of First Baptist Penn Hills come forward and express their desire to join to the church membership. Each person coming forward joins the membership of First Baptist Penn Hills in one of the following ways
Persons who desire to become a Christian by receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and or have not been baptized by immersion, may become a part of the congregation as a candidate for baptism.
Christian Experience
It sometimes happens that persons who have been baptized, but by some means have lost their desire to unite with a Church. They bring no letter nor are they re-baptized. They give account of their conversion and Christian life, which being satisfactory, are received by the Church on their confession or, as it is usually stated, “On Christian experience”.
In the changes of social and domestic life, which are instantly transpiring, members often move from the vicinity of the Church where they have united. It then becomes their duty, and should be their desire to connect themselves with a Church of the same faith near their home by letter of commendation from the Church which they are leaving. 
Members of First Baptist Penn Hills who have been away from the Church for a period of time may re-unite under this method and be restored to full fellowship of the Church.
Watch Care
Christians who are in transition due to personal circumstances or who will be temporarily unable to attend their home church but want to continue to have a spiritual covering by being a part of a local congregation; unite themselves with our congregation under watch care. Many times those joining in this category are college students, business persons living temporarily in the Pittsburgh area, persons in the process of looking for a permanent church home, or other different special temporary situations. Although those joining under watch care have all rights, privileges and responsibilities as a member of the congregation; it is understood by all that their presence is temporary due to a specific transitional occurrence. Once that temporary situation changes, the person may choose to move on to their next destination or become a regular member of our congregation.